Friday, October 27, 2017

There are weighted blankets for people with anxiety. As if I needed help staying in bed. I've used conceptually similar vests for dogs with anxiety. Supposedly the pressure helps them relax. It seems to work sometimes. Why, I don't know, and I can only suggest them as anecdotally effective, and they certainly don't seem to hurt.

Anxiety being a broad term, of course. There's no blanket for existential dread, or a weighted shawl that can snap the paralysis of indecision.

Colored birds flying in circles round the steeple.

What does a star feel like before it crushes itself into a black hole? Smaller and heavier, everything outside becoming inside.

Man you turkeys are bumming me out *stuffs mouth full of chips*

In Robot Uprising News, an robot has been made a citizen in Saudi Arabia. I haven't read beyond the headlines because from what I understand, women are barely citizens in Saudi Arabia and this is likely more of a "dick move" than a significant step in Robo-Human relations.

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