Thursday, July 05, 2018

I'm a little sunburnt. Went over to Jay and Caro's yesterday and swam with the twins. It's a mild sunburn; the kind that I only notice when I rub my forehead in consternation.

I did not watch the fireworks.

I dreamed of hiking down a mountain. I hadn't climbed up, but we had to climb down. Perhaps I should pick up a pair of hiking boots, in case these dreams are prophetic.

Monday, July 02, 2018

More attempts to be more myself. The nephews came over to hang out. We went to the store, I cooked them some bratwurst. Went out to lunch with Ben O. Walked. Kelly and I saw a movie on Sunday. Regular human stuff.

Paid off a credit card. Must prepare for the inevitable recession. One down. Next is glasses, then fix windshield. Should be good after that for a while. Bought a couple of pairs of pants. Grey, so I can wear my black shirts. No need to shop for clothes for another six months at least.

I think I wanted to pick up some 60 pound weights. Patience. I could just lift the 50's more times.

I caught a few minutes of the World Cup match this morning. My mom was watching it. Mexico v. Brazil. She was excited.

My dad keeps asking what we're going to do on the 4th of July. He wants an excuse to drink. It has been a while since I've relaxed with a good beer. Maybe we can do breakfast steaks. Put out the kiddie pool for the dogs. I could use a tan. There's nothing wrong with snowy gams, but that's just not me.