Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jenna and I dressed up as superheros. She is Phoenix, aka Jean Grey, and I have disguised myself as Rorschach.

I was going to have several masks that I would change throughout the night, but I messed up the first two.

Now I must go and write a story for class.

Soon I will begin my summer classes. I'm taking two on creative writing, a beginning and intermediate level. Simultaneously.

Hopefully I won't cop out and submit the same stories to both classes. I probably won't since I don't think these classes count toward either of the degrees I claim to be pursuing. Ideally, I'll learn something and that will be its own reward.

My hunt for an education can be imagined as me peeking around a corner at a cardboard box that I've propped up with a stick to which I've tied a piece of string whose end I clutch in a grubby hand. The bait is a hearty portion of ignorance that I hope will lure some knowledge into my trap. Assuming that I recognize the prey at the proper moment, I will yank the string to release the stick and bring down the box.

I'm not sure what do after that. Probably have to get something to feed it.