Sunday, April 27, 2008

My sister and I took the twins to Colorado to visit friends and family. The boys did very well. I give them an A- for behavior and bonus points for rocking out to techno music. Add that to the 8 buckyballs they earned for marathon park outings and their overall rating is...a blue isosceles triangle shooting lasers at a flying hippo refusing to claim tax exemptions.

It got kind of close, though. For a while they were bordering on earning a homophobic earthworm in zero gravity.

If it isn't apparent, I am exhausted. I look forward to reading my web comics and listening to NPR tomorrow, just relaxing. Until I rush over to my other house to clean madly and try to fix the hole some drunk head-butted in the bathroom wall.

Perhaps it is a sad thing that in my life I have woken up after a party, come out into the living room to ask everyone "What dumbass did that to the bathroom?!" only to get the slow, sitcom-ey look that means, yes, indeed, I am the ass in question.

I must print up a bumper sticker with that on it; "Yes, I am the ass in question."

Right up there with my "Quantum Physicists Don't Really Know How They Do It" and "This Changes Nothing".