Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I have learned that there are no longer any slots available for the '06 Ironman competition. Entries have been accepted since April of last year, and I suppose the typical Ironman competitor is the sort of "long-term planning" type of person that I don't get along with so well.

I have mixed feelings.

I was almost beginning to sort of look forward to the event. I wonder if it is possible to sneak into an Ironman competition? I imagine the downside would be that if I get caught there is no way in hell I'll be able to run/swim/bike away.

Monday, November 28, 2005

My friend Matt has talked me into entering an Ironman competition that will be coming here to Tempe in April. I thought, "Well, I ran a marathon in January with no training, logically I should be able to do an Ironman in five months with some training.

I've been to the official Ironman website. It took me a while to find out what to even expect. I went to the Frequently Asked Questins page and got all the way to #28 before it answered how long an Ironman is. "The swim is 2.4 miles and the cutoff is 2 hrs. and 20 min., the bike is 112 miles and the cutoff time is 10 hrs and 30 min from the beginning of the race and the run is a full marathon which is 26.2 miles and the cutoff time is 17 hours from the beginning of the race."

Questio #29 tells me that the official race drink is Gatorade Endurance, lemon-lime flavor. That does little to reassure me.

This is clearly a bad idea. Ah, well. It has been some time since knowing something is a bad idea has deterred me from going ahead and doing it.

There is always the chance that this could end well. After all, the slogan for the race is "Anything Is Possible." When's the last time a slogan has led anyone wrong?