Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm up early this morning. Historically I have never slept well after nights of flagrant disregard for point of view and proper tense.

Or it could be all the Tang I drank. How do astronauts do it? I'd have space madness in record time. If I ever leave the Earth's atmosphere, I'll be certain to smuggle some Country Time Lemonade with me. I could drink that stuff all-to-live-long day. Probably 'cause I don't know what I'm getting.

I have a very interesting design on my inner arm. Since it is on my left arm and very weak conceptually, I assume I drew it, probably with one of the dry-erase markers that lie around the house. I suspect the blue one.

methinks has a birthday soon. Unless it passed. I'm not sure. Just to be safe, I shall celebrate over a blanket few days. Hell, I may even finish the meme she sent me which at the moment is residing in the electronic limbo of being a saved draft on Blogger. It is in elite company, as there are only two other drafts in there.

methinks was kind enough to let me know that I had been tagged. I was confused at first. I thought she meant more nature-show-documentary-kind of tagging. I imagined some brightly colored plastic tube filled with electronics firmly affixed by a tiny harpoon barb buried in my skin. I would hear it beep in rhythm with my heartbeat, but it would always hover just on the edge of my vision.

Not that any such device would be very exciting. Day 1: In his room. Day 2: Rearranging his room. Day 3: Washing his sheets and one pair of white athletic socks. Day 4: Going out to a bar; apparently fighting a bus. Day 5: Back in his room.

I predict a mad dash to cash the checks for the research grants and an equally mad dash to stop said check-cashers.

But enough about me. How are you? I see by your research tag that you've been pushing your own boundaries as well.

At least, that's what the data suggests. It's hard to really know without going native.
No Gurg?! I'm sorry. When I get upset I tend to withdraw.

Either that or...

inundate you with drunken ramblings!

Week Two of My Misadventures finds Guillermo suffering an all-too-familiar ethical dilemma.

Well, here I am, suffering this same ol' ethical dilemma. I wonder what I should do?

FUTURE GUILLERMO: Well, you could do what you always do and spiral down a path of angst and woe that you can easily translate to the common observer.

PRESENT GUILLERMO: How dare you refer to my observers as common?! I declare that they are as uncommon as any other!

FUTUR GUILLERMO: You will regret that statement.

PRESENT GUILLERMO: Ha! I regret nothing! What do you know, Future Self!

FUTURE GUILLERMO: Mostly everything ever.

PRESENT GUILLERMO: Well, we'll see about that!

Later, in the Future:

I should learn to trust myself! I seldom have reason to lie.