Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm a bit intimidated right now. I'm working from 6:30 am to 11:30 am with my classes in the afternoon and evenings. It's not too bad; my latest class ends at 7:30 but it's only one day a week. What worries me is...the reading. There's going to be a lot of reading. I'm a good reader, but a novel a week on top of everything else may prove a bit tricky. Of course, I can always stay home on weekends and curl up with my homework. I mean, I think I can. It's been done before, I should say. Not by me, really, but I've heard others have done it.

My science/writing ambitions seem to be taking me all over the place. My schedule of classes sort of fell together of its own accord. I'm taking Statistics for the Biosciences (or "Damned Lies For Godless, Baby-eating Liberals"), History of Medicine (such as the origins of the Hippopotamus Oath), the Politics of Women's Health (Desperate Pharmacist's Wives), Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy (or Damned Lies for Friendless, Cheeto-eating Role-playing-gamers), and Eco-Literature (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal Stories).

Hence the reading. Statistics seems to be the only class that requires counting, so I'm sure I'll be fine.

The Politics of Women's Health is a small class with pre-med, graduate, and honors students in the majority. We even have one student purusing her doctorate. All are female. There is one other male in the class, but he is considerably older and in a wheelchair so he won't be much help if the women turn on us. In that event, my plan is to just run for it. Sorry, other guy, I will leave a man behind. I'm Army trained, and we, in fact, leave men behind like breadcrumbs.

You know you have a good schedule when most of your professors incorporate casual swearing into their lectures.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am now pursuing a double major in Biology and Society and Creative Writing.

It was bound to happen eventually.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good guesses, everyone, but no gummy worms for you, sour or otherwise. Jess came close by recognizing it as a medieval labyrinth.

I was surprised no one thought to image search "fig043.jpg" which brings it up on page one. But it's too late now; in the future I will change the image name for all my photo quizzes.

This labyrinth comes from the Lucca Cathedral in Italy. I was pleased when I delved into the history of the design I chose. It is a finger labyrinth and in the stylized design one follows the black, not the space between.

Strictly speaking, labyrinths are not mazes. There aren't any wrong turns or dead ends. The choices are: go forward, go back, or go nowhere. The goal is to reach the center (be it minotaur or David Bowie) and then return with the experience and knowledge acquired from the journey.

So it's about going on the grand adventure, but it's also about coming home to tell your mom about it.

Also, as far as my views on suffering, I think I understand what the Catholics were going for. Essentially, suffering sucks but it is inevitable (for whatever reason (desire, original sin, being human)) and in light of this, it would be wasteful to pass up a chance for reflection during this time. You know, like peeing in the shower, but in a more spiritual sense.

Goodnight everybody.