Friday, December 08, 2017

Somebody in the office building ordered pizza at 10 am and they are my hero.

My savings have broken $20,000. This is uncharted territory for me. I try not to think about it. It's invested, after all, so another recession could wipe it out. It's a concern, but what other options are there? Start an off-shore tax haven? Bitcoin? Meh. The meat grinder keeps on grinding. I'm still in it, and maybe if I get lucky I'll be able to hop out before it's too late.

The TV I purchased is one of those listening TV's. Voice-activated, it says. I avoid saying anything incriminating around it. All my careful plotting and scheming to ensure that I avoid world domination are done in silence. Things are going well, very well. I'm in an optimal position to ensure that I never achieve real power and influence. What a nightmare that would be.

I remember Livejournal had a field to enter what music you were listening to while journaling. This makes me wonder if I should note it. For the last week, I've been listening to Tom Waits, New Orleans blues, Gogol Bordello, that sort of thing. If there's a theme to the music, I'd say it's like being dressed in a once-fine suit out in the frigid cold, cradling an ember in your arms and blowing gently to keep it alive.

And occasionally flipping off the fat-cats as they look down upon you from their penthouse suites. It changes nothing, but their look of indignation makes you chuckle.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Random Word Generator.

Proof. House. Poetic. Sexless. Disturbance. Executive.

Hmm, that's a lot of random.

Proof makes me think of evidence, then alcohol. Also a little bit of the proofing oven at the bakery in which I once worked. Little croissants went in, and then big beautiful croissants came out.

House. Home. Close yet so far. Projects and opinions, grand aspirations and neglected details. My disorder.

Poetic. Not really.

Sexless. Without sex, like no sex chromosome? Bacteria-type living organisms, and inanimate objects in a language that doesn't engender them?

Disturbance. The current president. Ha-cha-cha. He's cracking.

Executive. The executive washroom, with golden fountains and marble sinks, with lush personal hand-towels and an aloof wandering peacock.

All stepped up.

Bonus word! DEFECTION

Where you say no, I won't be part of this world. And then magically transform into an aloof wandering peacock.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Random Word Generator go!

Pipes Companion Skull Rough Candy Starfish
Celebrity Parallel Analytical Deletion Crew

Deletion: Somewhere in the library of lost novels are all the words you've ever typed out and then deleted. Literary cherry blossoms raining down, changing the whole world for a moment, an ephemeral season, then swept away.

Celebrity: It's everywhere. Plenty for everyone. I suppose there may not be enough money to pay everyone for their celebrity. I feel like celebrity is presumed to come with profit. If it didn't, would it still be as desirable?

Pipes: Versatile building material for people too lazy to weld, and perhaps hamsters. Pipe mansions.

Companion: Partner in crime. Adviser. Strange bedfellows. Bulwark against despair.

Analytical: Yes. Reveal the connections, shared electrons, overlapping desires. Intent and the actualized. The tedious set-up before the punchline of irony.

Starfish: Radial symmetry. All arms, no legs. Named after the representation of the idea of stars. Celestial bodies with arms spiraling outwards. Radial symmetry.

The pain is less today. In my feet. The annoyance is less today.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Walking a lot. Not much else. The office is bustling today. Difficult to concentrate with all these lives swirling around me. Need my sensory deprivation suit, aka my winter coat and those horse blinders.

Tom Waits on the Pandora station. Grim and jaunty, just how I like it. 

Went to the online Random Word Generator. The words it gave me are as follows: crutch, approximation, vast, geometry, elbow, amoebic.

Reminds me of story cubes. 

Crutch. I've got one of those. Sometimes I think I'm mostly an elaborate exoskeleton of crutches around one working limb. 

Approximation. Everyone is an approximation. People have too many dimensions for us to sort them easily, so we flatten them out, prop them up. Organized and unknowable.

Vast. It's all vast. We are made of oceans. 

Monday, December 04, 2017

It was 4 am when I was pulled from sleep by a vestigial feeling of responsibility. In the dark and the cold were shadow shapes bobbing their heads to silent music. I knew these guys. They only hear unspoken things. They knew me too, and turned their heads toward me, still bobbing. I strained to hear what they weren't listening to, but I was too awake now. They drifted silently, in single file, out of the bedroom and down the hall. Still bobbing.

I cocooned myself in blankets and fell back asleep.

* * * *

The family has a relatively new tradition of getting pictures with Santa. I've not been a part of this tradition. This time, I went. It was fine. I was wary of becoming overly-emotional and making things awkward, but my family was just entertaining/annoying enough that I couldn't dwell on it. Also, I was carrying my niece, Noel, and she's only a year old so she doesn't give a baby poop about my personal temporal narrative. She was just trying to grab everything she could in Santa's workshop. It's a good instinct; I'm sure we'll get along great.