Friday, October 05, 2018

Stumbled across a band called "Rainbow Kitten Surprise". Digging it.

Digging other things. Ditches and holes. Or I would be if I weren't trying to avoid injuring my feet. Walking every day gives me very little in the way of recovery time.

Might be time for new shoes.

Monday, October 01, 2018

We can speak of neglect. A lack of proper attentiveness. Stagnation. Everything is connected.

This weekend I went over to Emma's to hang out for a bit. There was also a gathering at Jen and Alan's but I didn't go. Stagnation creeping int other things. Felt bad.

Stayed up too late last night. Read a bit. Tried to stay off the cell phone. I need the quiet.

There is a hurricane, Hurricane Rosa, whose remnants brought rain last night. I opened the front door and the dogs sat and looked out. Watch dogs, watching and watching. Need to build a little porch for them to sit out when the weather's cool. Maybe I'll sit on the porch as well and cast a baleful eye at all who pass.