Thursday, April 13, 2006

A documentary has been circulating that discusses the possibility of questionable United States government involvement in the attacks on the World Trade Center. The film also discusses discrepancies in eye-witness reports and those implications.

It can be found here.

Watching it has concerned enough of my friends that I thought I'd put up a link to this
Popular Mechanics article.

When watching any sort of anything that makes claims about things (usually involving a person), it is important to ask:

Is the person speaking an expert? If so, are they an expert in the area they are discussing?

Are their sources primary sources (i.e., "I ate the pie.") or secondary sources (i.e., "I was close by when he eat the pie.") Be very wary of anyone that cites news sources as primary sources. Also, news anchors doing commentary are not necessarily experts. Keep in mind that their job is to keep talking, and in the cases of some news programs with very little information, to speculate.

I read the Popular Mechanics report before I watched the film. I would suggest to anyone that hadn't seen the film that reading the article should be sufficient.
ASU is hosting E.O. Wilson. I am going to see E.O. Wilson.

Who dat say? Who dat say?

E.O. Wilson.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In order to unnecessarily complicate my life, I am going to avoid eating corn syrup (high-fructose or otherwise) or any food that contains it as an ingredient.

This is only day two but it has been difficult.

I was going to eat a sandwhich yesterday. Nope, the bread has corn syrup in it. I grabbed a yogurt instead. Wrong! Corn syrup again.

I fell back onto plan B: the potato, egg, and cheese burrito. (Plan A is any food other than a potato, egg, and cheese burrito.)

I'm a bit concerned because I may miss out on my favorite Easter tradition of stuffing myself stupid with Cadbury Creme Eggs. Fortunately, I can still give glory to God by putting Peeps in the microwave.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

From the notebook:

I am sitting on the roof of my house. The moon is bright enough to write by and I've never written up here. Soon the summer will come and it will be less pleasant. But nice for now, with a sliver of cool breeze and only the faintest wisps of cloud to interrupt my light.

Besides pen and paper, I have brought two cigarettes and the lollipop shaped like a die that Jessica gave me. I haven't eaten much today so I'm really excited for that lollipop. Beno and I have been training for the marathon on May 6th so I have been avoiding even the occasional cigarette. I managed this easily until I picked up my copies of Transmetropolitan again. I'd be miffed about being influenced so easily if I weren't also writing something longer than two paragraphs for the first time in a week. Maybe I'll bring a beer up here. Seize the day and whatnot.

I laid down on my back as I smoked because I'd never done that before either. I imagine that people who smoke in their homes might at times do so in bed. These people might have also fallen asleep while doing so and been all burnt up otherwise I'd seek them out and ask their advice. I kept the cigarette in the corner of my mouth because the ash might fall into my mouth and eyes. I did not fear falling asleep as I lay back. The roof shingles greedily drank the warmth from my skin. This upset me. Heat is expensive and I can not get it back. I sat up.