Monday, December 17, 2007

Since we last spoke.

I've read more Phillip Pullman. David D. wrong. I neither rate him over or under, but mainly as it is.

I've resolved not to imbibe alcohol not once, not twice, but thrice. I have failed each time. It is a record for a fourteen day period.

I have done very well at work. Someone gave me 70 dollars for bringing them dinner and being nice to them. It is an odd feeling. People pay me for what I can't help being. Maybe I should let the government torture me in return for constructive criticism.

I have wrestled with dogs, large and small. I mostly won.

I have fallen in the rain. I have a bruise that is turning yellow now, but the muffler of motorcycle has been easily re-attached. My bike and I sit in the cold and compare scratches.

I have resisted one love; fallen into another. Both pains are searingly similar.

I have offered a sigil of protection. It was denied, but I will honor it anyway.

My clothing is falling apart at the high speeds I travel at. I know how it feels.

I have ended sentences with prepositions. I don't give a fuck at.

I ripped the music from my cyborg memory. I can't hear it, I only hear what I miss.

I wore my pajamas in public. I wear them still.

My nephews cry when I leave them. I wonder why I don't.

Chemicals shield me every day. I am glad of them.

I come here to be alone and I can't I can't I can't figure out why.