Friday, May 19, 2006

Mollie: "Life is strange."

Guillermo: "It's the strangest thing I know."

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Things are looking up. My friend Gabe has repaired my laptop and this badboy is now fully functional. Or, as functional as it was just before it stopped working entirely. Still no sound or video capability, but that's just as well because I would log on to Youtube and never be seen again.

I've set up my room to utilize my writing desk. I'm hoping to create the proper environment so that I can roll out of bed all pantsless and hack out whatever's on my mind. I mean, that's the whole idea, right?

The animated musical of Charlotte's Web is playing behind me. Templeton and the goose just got done singing about the joys of the fair. It was amazing.

I must go to work in about an hour. I think I may leave the pet store soon. I've enjoyed my time there but my iron will is starting to bend. I adopted an older ferret, ended up keeping a couple of the hamsters, and gave Brian a couple of rats for his birthday. Including the previous ferret and the leopard gecko, we now have seven pets. I named the new ferret Lendri and the rats are named The Notorious R.A.T. and Rattie Smalls.

In other news, I've discovered Google News. I use it all the time, but I just learned that I can personalize it. Now, my news page comes up with news on War, Energy, Evolutionary Theory, Nanotechnology, Biology, AZ Government, Evolutionary Psychology, Literature, and Science Fiction.


Google news is great because it links to several articles about the same topic. It's interesting to compare the biases and writing styles of different new sources. The only way to read news provided you have the time.

I can't quite run yet. My knees haven't hurt at all for a couple of days, but I'm still trying to be careful. Everyone keeps warning me about "permament damage." I don't think the term is entirely accurate. It will probably only hurt until I die.

I'm eager to run a marathon that isn't full of hills and valleys sculpted in the devil's sandbox. Let me at that level ground and you'll see what kind of damage I can do.