Saturday, December 23, 2006

Drnken blog go.

Two and a half botles of wine and here I find myself. Listening to music on ye ol Itunes. Nightmare before christmas, specifically. Danny Elfman put out some tracks that he recorded himself to guide the actors that would perform the songs. It's a terribler burden being an actor. So many parts. Only one you.

Bury me in the cold cold ground with this quote: Every drunk, thirty seconds ago, thought himself a Romantic.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

G-Man hit me with this a few days ago. I meant to respond, then I didn't, and then someone else prodded me about my lack of blogging and so, here I am. Let no one say that I do not respond to the right kind of prodding.

"Each player of this game writes about "6 weird habits/things about themselves." People who get tagged then write their own blog, including their own "6"... and restate this rule clearly."

1. I don't sleep well. I do not say that I am insomniac; there is a massive difference between insomnia and not sleeping well. Many people will say they have insomnia but few will convince.

Insomnia is not sleeping. Everything else is not sleeping well. The distinction is as apparent as that between a starving person and one who has rickets because all they eat are Big Macs.

I wake up at least two times a night during which I will get up, meander about, and then head back to sleep after no more than fifteen minutes. This is likeliest to occur at 2 am. I think some part of my lizard brain registers that this is last call and is trying desperately to acquire a drink.

Besides that, I awake at 5 am every morning although I set my alarm for 5:40. This results in me trying to fall back asleep for half an hour only to succeed just before my alarm goes off. I hit the snooze button in spite.

2. I fail a lot of classes.

3. The mental image of myself is still pretty close to this:

4. Many times a week I almost wish that I had no body hair whatsoever...and then I stop myself when I recall how much I use my eyebrows.

5. My long-term memory is pretty good but my short-term memory is on par with that of an 8-year-old with ADD.
I can remember the text on the page that gave me a papercut on my middle finger last week but don't expect me to do basic arithmetic in my head because I'll forget the first number I was adding by the time I get to the third.

6. Six can wait.