Thursday, January 18, 2018

Much of my time has been spent tinkering with the house. Putting up curtain rods, lights, moving things around. It's coming together pretty well. Somewhat incongruous thematically, aside from a clear striving for budget decadence. It's fun.

I may need a few more tools.

My appetite is still severely diminished. I've been walking a little, about an hour. My nose is still tender and my throat still hurts when I swallow. Or when I stretch my mouth really wide.

I bore myself. As a subject. There are so many other things I could be discussing. Like writing a song parody of "Kiss The Girl" from "The Little Mermaid" about consent. She can't talk, after all, and she doesn't even know how to use a fork. There are questions.

Back to thinking about myself again. The way I mathed it out, I need to save about $670,000 dollars to live comfortably off the interest alone. I'm currently at 22,000. Only 648 grand to go.


Maybe I should just half the amount to 324 grand, then get a part-time job until I die. Perfect.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Where am I going what am I doing how did I get here?

Spent the weekend tinkering with the house. I'm not one for home improvement. My bathroom faucet still leaks, my shower handle needs to be replaced, and I think a family of capybara is nesting under the foundation. I did, however, do this:

Magical as heck. That's over the archway from the living room to the dining room. The other side depicts ominous ancient ruins under a moonlit night. Best of both worlds.

Ben O. came over to help me put up the curtain rod. We also watched "Planet Earth 2". We came to the conclusion that everything in Nature is messed up so we humans need to stop thinking we're somehow insulated from it. Personally my life is much more comfortable and I should enjoy not feeling physically miserable, even if there are things I'm unhappy about. I could be unhappy about it AND be freezing my ass off and starving.

That's the kind of optimist I am, I suppose. It could always be worse, until it can't, but then it's too late.