Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Had a fabulous time with Josh and Maja at Undertow. It was lively. We went back to our house and had enchiladas and played Quiplash. Nick G. came over also. He and Josh talked about music, most of which I'd never heard. It was a good time.

Work has been hectic, and I worry that I am being less patient with people. I'd prefer to be patient. I'd prefer to be many things. Then, how to build upon those traits.

Josh and I talked about writing. I told him how I was worried that the writing I'm doing now is dulling me, and that I need to attempt to do something fictional. Rip free of the dull trappings of idle conflict. Or something.

Surgery tomorrow. What will I see?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

You there, boy! What day is it? 

Why, it's Day After Christmas Day!

And I'm at work. It's not so bad. Working today, tomorrow, and then surgery on Thursday. Oh, that reminds me, I have to make an appointment to get my nose hair waxed tomorrow. Tear it right out, I say. Maybe I should get my legs done while I'm there. For gam-strutting purposes.

Christmas was good. Kelly had to work, so we'll open presents sometime tonight. We've got a double-date with Hagler and Maja at Undertow.

We went out for a drink with them on Friday night, I think? Yes. It was fun. We talked art, religion, politics, and the soul. All the usual artist stuff that comes up, I suppose. Also that time I was drunkenly crawling around the backyard at a party and Josh rode me around like a horse, whooping like a cowboy.

He didn't remember it, but agreed that it sounded like him and in fact had made it a point at that time to do inane things at parties where everyone else was drunk and he was sober. 

I got a little drunk yesterday from some pineapple rum. It was really good, and my tasting turned into drinking. It happens. Sometimes you drink the rum, and sometimes the rum drinks you.