Monday, March 17, 2003

Most Expensive Post Ever!

This is costing me 75 cents a minute. I type a little over 35 words a minute. You can do the math at the end.

This ship is amazing. This whole trip thus far has been incredible. I am in a unique position as a guest of a crew member. I can go anywhere in the guest area, and I can go (almost) anywhere in the crew area. I dig the crew area. I'm staying in Kate's cabin, which is so small when I lie on the bed I can almost kick the door. There are all sorts of nooks, crannies, passageways, pipes, and even a few levers that I have to fight the urge to pull when I go past. Lots of stuff like that. Really, how can you label something, "Splash Door" and expect people not to be curious?

Last night I went down to the crew bar. It was awesome. The whole ship was tilting to the side. Unreal. Apparently a lot of the crew hadn't seen it that bad ever. There was also a bunch of water flooding the main crew hallway. When we got to the bar, the serving staff had disappeared. Not a good sign. They came back eventually.

I got very drunk last night. Then I got lost below decks. I had no idea how to get back to the room where everyone, including Kate, was. Fortunately, I knew how to get back to Kate's cabin, so I just gave up and went there. I didn't have a key, so I just passed out in the narrow hallway outside her door. I've never slept better.

We were in Key West yesterday and I got to Ernest Hemingway's house! It was awesome, six-toed cats everywhere! Kate went into a bar with her friends (I couldn't get in, damn America!) so I told her I would just go wander off. And wander I did. I got really lost. If you were in Key West last night, you might have seen a guy running in sandals through the streets in the rain. That was me. I found my way back, of course. What fun. I seem to be getting lost a lot...

Wow, I forgot this is costing me money.

Oh, and I haven't done anything yet that I regret. I rule!