Friday, November 28, 2003

I've been reading too much Transmetropolitan and now I think I should be a journalist.

That would be funny.

Monday, November 24, 2003

No! My notes! I had notes, they�re gone, where have they gone?!

Oh well.

DC is right, blogging is like working out. And, when you�re unsure of how much you can handle, it�s a good idea to have a spotter. Like this survey I stole from Ashley:

1. What time is it: 2:46 am.

3. Name as it appears on my birth certificate: William

4. My nicknames are: G, G-Mo, Gurg, Memo, Bill, Lopez, variations of William, Guillermo. I have also been called: Gizmo, Geronimo, Queermo, Gurgamo, Gargamel, Jarhead, Gooey (by Tony Nido), Lopey (by my roommate, Clinton, in Basic Training,) Lope-Dawg, and Slow-pez (by one of my Drill Sargeants.) I have also been called Brice, and Bryce. Methinks calls me Gurgle (a sound I make often.) Oh, and whenever I was dressed nicely Josh Cali would call me Bruce Wayne.

5. Number of candles on last birthday cake: Just one candle, but it was shaped like the number 21.

6. Birthday: May 12th, 1982. People who have been born at the same time as I was and are far more successful than me include:

7. Pets: A cat named Rorshak. He is currently living with his sister, Sashimi, under the watchful eye of my former roommate, Mai.

8. Hair color: When it is present, it is almost black.

9. Piercing: Just my stare.

10. Eye color: Brown. A very piercing brown.

11. Favorite fashion: Clothing. Failing that, nudity..

12. Town of birth: Phoenix, Arizona.

13. Town I live in: Funkytown.

14. Favorite foods: Eggplant parmesan. Strawberry milkshakes. Mom�s cooking.

15. Ever been to Africa: My mouth may say �No,� but my malaria says �Yes!�

16. Been toilet papering: I have no recollection of the event in question.

17. Loved someone so much you cried: This question is not well thought-out. To quote my younger brother Luis earlier today: �You don�t cry, do you?� I have cried in my dreams about stuff I could possibly have cause to cry about when awake, if that matters.

18. Been in a car accident: Yes, but in my defense, I should not have been driving in the first place.

20. Favorite day of the week? I seldom know what day it is.

22 Favorite flower? I�m with Ash on this one, I�m a fan of sunflowers. I used to grow them in my backyard when I was much younger.

23. Favorite sport to watch? I�d rather play. Except for kick-boxing, I�m fine just watching that.

24. Favorite drink? Right now, the Kilt-Lifter at Four Peaks.

29. How many times did you fail your driver's test? Written Driver�s test, once. I was really chatty with my tester during the driving part. So chatty, in fact, that she didn�t even notice when I ran a stop sign. I failed my Motorcycle endorsement riding test the first time. Three motorcycle accidents later�

31. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Not a fan of spending money I don�t have.

32. What do you do most often when you are bored? Intelligent people are never bored. When I�m bored, I read, write, sing in my car, go to work, sleep, eat, play volleyball, go on the internet, talk to friends�and fill out surveys.

33. Most annoying thing people ask me? �Get down from there, you lummox!�

34. Bedtime? When you wake up.

37. Favorite TV shows? The Simpsons (more-so the older stuff,)That 70�s show, Futurama, Family Guy, Samurai Jack, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, 3rd Rock From the Sun, and (it seems so very long ago, and I was more-so enjoying who I was watching it with, but�) Passions.

40. Ever been so drunk you blacked out? Once. Twice. Maybe thrice. I know it sounds like a lot, but in my defense, I have been drinking for a very long time.

41. Ever Been Missing: I can be difficult to keep track of, yes. This has always been true.

42. Been hurt emotionally: No, of course not. What kind of question is that?

43. Kept a secret from everyone: Who told you that? What have you heard?

44. Had an imaginary friend when you were young: It�s funny, he told me that you would all try to tell me he was imaginary�

45. Wanted to hook up with a friend: C�mon, that�s why you made friends with them in the first place, isn�t it?

46. Had a crush on a teacher: In high-school, the dance choreographer during the musical �Guys and Dolls� was beautiful. Everyone was practically in love with her (even those who were still pretending to be straight.) Her name was Miss P. She was thinking about having some of the guys actually lift girls during some dance numbers. She had asked me, �You�re pretty strong, right?� and then, as if too impatient to wait for me to stop blushing and answer, she reached out and squeezed my bicep. I almost swooned.

47. Ever thought an animated character was HOT: Tinkerbell in Disney�s version of Peter Pan, but I just found out that she was supposed to be. Oh, and Princess Amidala in Cartoon Network�s animated shorts �Clone Wars.�

49. What was the last movie you saw: The Cat in the Hat was lamentably flat. I wonder just how they made a movie like that. Did they feed a pig Play-Doh, then film what it shat? If you want my advice, quite simply, don�t go. If you want to throw away money, send Trevor some dough.

50. Wearing: My jammy-jams and a smile.

51. Hair Is: still there.

53. Drinking: At this hour? What are you implying, sir?

54. Thinking about: Life, The Universe, and Everything. Also, changing my voice-mail.

THE LAST 24 HOURS--------

1. Cried: No, not on any level of consciousness.

2. Worn a Skirt: It was a bit too breezy for a skirt.

3. Met Someone New: Not really.

5. Done laundry: The laundry is done, man.

6. Drove a Car: I drove my car.


1. Yourself: Well, I don�t not exist. I mean, I�m not not here. I am aware of what I�m doing, yes.

2. Your friends: I think I have a fair idea of what they might do in a given situation.

3. Santa Claus: I think he�s just a figment of Rudolph�s red-nosed imagination, straight-up Fight Club style.

4. Tooth Fairy: At first I did, but I had my suspicions. I tested my theory one night by placing the tooth under my pillow and telling no one I had done so. It was unpleasant to find it still there the next morning.

5. Destiny/Fate: Only in Greek tragedies and Star Wars.

6. Angels: Well, if there are angels, then there should be devils. All I see are people, and they seem to fall into both of those categories. So no, I don�t. Why would an omnipotent being need underlings? And if they�re not human and they�re not god, how do they rank? They don�t get souls, and they don�t get redemption, so I�m guessing not much higher than a celestial bus-boy.

7. Ghosts: I�ll believe it when I�m dead and haunting your shower.

8. UFO's: Unidentified Flying Objects? Yes, I do. I saw an object flying that I could not identify�until it hit me in the face. It was a Frisbee.


55. Who have you known the longest of your friends? Jake.

56. Who's the loudest of your friends? Many of them are loud, but very few of them can get me to listen.

57. Who do you go to for advice: The dictionary.

58. Who do you cry to? The author of this survey is very interested in crying. Maybe they make and sell tissues.

59. Worst feeling: Ignorance.


61. PAPER OR PLASTIC? �I wish I had a clever response to that question,� he said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

62. WHAT WAS THE LAST BOOK/MAGAZINE YOU READ? The first two trade paperbacks of Neil Gaiman�s The Sandman.
63. A TV SHOW YOU CAN'T STAND TO WATCH? Why would I watch a show I can�t stand?

64. WHAT DID YOU EAT FOR LUNCH TODAY? A peanut-butter and jam sandwich. It was delicious.

65. DO YOU LIKE TO BE SURPRISED? As long as it doesn�t cause me to lose any bodily fluids, especially blood or urine.

67. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? It really depends where I am. I�m not in Australia, am I? Because then it would be opposite�

68. FAVORITE DESSERT? Pumpkin cheesecake will do.

69. WHICH ONE WOULD YOU PREFER, MAID OR CHEF? It pretty much comes down to which one is French. If it�s the maid, then I would prefer the maid. If it�s the chef, then I would prefer the maid.

70. FAVORITE CANDY? I don�t like licorice. The �Gummy� line is pretty good. Gummy-Bears, Gummy-Sharks, Gummy-Worms. But does anyone know how Gummy-Fish went horribly, horribly, wrong?

71. WHAT CHARACTERISTICS DO YOU ADMIRE? Not killing me. That is very commendable.


73. FAVORITE FRUIT OR FRUIT SMOOTHIE? Strawberry-Banana, or Mango.

74. HOW MANY RINGS ARE YOU WEARING? My nickname is Mars, �cause I got so many rings.

75. WHAT WAS THE LAST CARD YOU GAVE SOMEONE? I gave Kiki a birthday card for her 21st. It was actually a Get-Well card that I wrote �Happy Birthday� in. That way the card could be for her birthday, and for the next morning after we took her out to the bar.

78. DO YOU PLAY CARDS OR BOARD GAMES? I like Poker. Does Hungry, Hungry, Hippos count as a board game? What about Crossfire?

79. NAILS POLISHED OR UNPOLISHED? Polish?! These are a man�s hands!

80. What time is it now? 4:24 am.

Feel the burn.

I�m leaving for California in a few hours with my partners in crime, Nick Gordenski and Brian Young. I�m fairly excited. We're gonna go Transmetropolitan all over that state, Sandman style.

Hopefully I'll see you all on Thanksgiving Day.

I mean, a little trip to California like this, what could possibly go wrong?