Friday, March 23, 2018

The yard will be less dusty once the clover grows in. It's a hardy little plant, practically a weed. Thriving in the yellow dirt, more so than in the rich dark fertilized soil. The ladybugs are coming around.

A friend of mine lost someone very close to her, someone I didn't know well but was very fond of.  We haven't talked in years. To attempt to provide comfort would be selfish, I think. The past seeds doubt that choke all future virtue.  A last embrace will stay a last embrace.

Every tear becomes ordinary rain.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dreams. Many of them. Dreamed I stole an ambulance and there was no traction. Like driving on a sheet of ice. Bounced around like a bumper car. Maybe it was a bumper car.

I also dreamed of a sushi food truck. It drove up and Donovan ordered a calamari wrap. They truck had a giant squid tentacle on ice on display. I ordered one too because it's octopus that I feel guilty about eating, not squid.

Some squids are real jerks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The mission is to sleep the normal amount of hours it takes to be sane. I'm going with 10-6, for now.

Yesterday was a bleary-eyed nightmare. One of my more productive days, turns out, but it felt like hell. Today I feel much more rested.

What else am I forgetting? Dreams. I dreamed I was hanging out with Tana, Beckah, and Shelly. And Shelly's dog, Grub. I do love that pughuahua.

What else...oh, I fixed Ender's Samsung tablet. A few searches online gave me a handful of options, and I tried them all until something worked. And it did. He's quite pleased with it. I was annoyed by his constant pestering, and in the end that's what got me off my rump. I recorded a voice message telling him to use his stubbornness power for good.

Oh, my credit card info appears to have been stolen. Someone charged several days of stay at a Motel 6 by the Seattle airport. I didn't catch it myself; I was alerted by an app I had installed years ago that I never use anymore. It's called Mint, It tells me "Unusual spending on travel." Unusual indeed.

I've contacted the motel, and if they don't refund the money I'll have to file a claim with the company itself. Luckily I know my way around a claim form.

They also tried to buy something at Michael's craft store, but I got to that one in time.