Thursday, November 18, 2004


. Slept in your bed: Nunya.  Nunya Business.

. Saw you cry: My brother and my father.

. You shared a drink with: Sunday dinner at Mike and Mai's.

. You went to the mall with: My sister because I have no fashion sense.

. Yelled at you: Don't remember; I'll have to check the face imprint on the wall.

. Sent you an email: Janelle.



. Danced naked:  Yes.  Yes, I have.

. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next

day: I'll let you know if I get sliced up by a ninja today.

. Wish you were the opposite sex:  Only when I'm out of money at the bar.

. Had an imaginary friend:  Of course.  In fact, the only reason I have real friends is to make my imaginary friends jealous.

. Do you have a crush on someone:  Hold on, I'm trying to figure out how to circle "yes" and then drop this e-mail on the floor after snack time.

. What book are you reading now: The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell, The Boys From Brazil by Ira Levine, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and I'm always reading one of my comic books.



. Worst feeling in the world:  Hurting someone, or worster than that, hurting someone unintentionally.

. Future son's name: Calx.

. Future daughter's name: Phlogiston.

. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Bedtime Bear.

. What's under your bed: A computer desk.  Speakers.  (I have a loft bed.)

. Favorite sport to watch: Football.

. Siblings:   Three brothers, one sister, and a dog that eats and sleeps just like one of the family.

. Location: Phoenix, AZ

. College plans: Yes, it does.

. Piercings/tattoos: I have no superfluous holes, but I have a tattoo of the Bat Signal on my left shoulder.  (I deleted the pointless "Tattoo?" question.)

.. Do you drink: Love Potion #9, on the rocks.

. Who is your best friend: Not you.

. What are you most scared of:  Going insane.

. What clothes do you sleep in: I sleep naked in case I have to get up and dance.

. Where do you want to get married:

. Who do you really hate: Zombies.

. Been in Love: Yup.

. Do you drive: A smashed-up Mercury Tracer.

. Do you have a job: Well, being a mail-clerk is more of a calling.

. Do you like being around people:  Sure, if I'm not trying to sleep and they're not taking my food.

. Are you for world peace:  Sounds dull.

. Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with:  Of course, I don't love people just because I think I can get all up ons.  

. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did:  I cried this morning because I've been born.  Damn you, Mom!

. Want someone you don't have right now:  Not really.

. Are you lonely right now:  There is a difference between loneliness and solitude.

. Song that's stuck in your head a lot: "And I need you now tonight/ I f***in need joo mooore than ever."

. Do you want to get married: Of course; married guys get all the ladies.

. Do you want kids:  Well, I'll need someone to hit after my wife leaves me.

. If you were stranded on a deserted island who would you like to be stuck with and why: Someone who can build a raft.


 New Person: My friend Mai.  She made me spaghetti with all kinds of mushrooms in the sauce.

. Room in house: My room if there isn't anyone in the family room and nothing is cooking in the kitchen.

. Type(s) of music: Dance music.  Naked dance music.

. Band/Group(s):  The Big Sea.

. Color:  Today, black.

. Perfume or cologne: I almost never wear cologne, I just take a shower if I'm stinkin'.

. Month: No.

. Flower:  I would love lilly pads if they could support my weight.



. Cried: No.

. Bought something: A bookshelf.

. Gotten sick: I am a little sick, yes.  Unless you mean last week when I called in sick, because I was sick.  Really.

. Sang: Fo sho.

. Met someone: Yeah, the guy I hit.

. Missed someone: Like the deserts miss the rain...mmm...desserts...

. Hugged someone: Yes.

. Kissed someone: Uh-yes.

. Became shy around someone:  Can't help it; I'm shy when I'm caught dancing naked.

. Been to the diner: Elephant Bar?

. Exercised:  Yerp.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My sacred place is almost complete. I can sprawl out on the thick blue carpet and read in the soft, glancing light of the handful of light sources I've placed around the room. My laptop sits patiently and glows invitingly. It hums while it waits.

I've forgotten how important this kind of environment is to me.

I went to class today. This may not seem newsworthy but as of late it has been just as likely to find me outside of the classroom as in it. Fortunately, I test well.

Although, I was pretty lost on the epidemiology section of my biology test yesterday. I had read Outbreak and seen the movie, but both were too long ago to be of any use.

I came to a question that read "Discuss an instance in which treatment is better than prevention."

I had not been in class for this either. I scrawled out something about how it is better to contract the chicken pox ("How delightful; a pox!") as a child than as an adult and some other babble. Then I came to the next question.

"Describe an instance in which prevention is better than treatment."

I looked down at the question. I shrugged, picked up my pencil, and wrote "Death."

I did not see any need to elaborate.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I love Kermit.

Upon hearing the news that my template may indeed be alive somewhere, there was much happy-dancing, much singing amorously, and (to his dismay) a furious wrestling match with The Noobers on the kitchen floor.  Poor dog.  I really think he thought I was trying to kill him.

Many thanks, Kermit.  I am deeply in your debt.

And thanks to everyone who sent me their links.  I owe all of you bagels with your choice of topping.

I mean it.

Oh, and a beer counts as a topping.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I am weary.

I have been poring over the HTML for this blasted template and I have yet to figure out how to change anything for the better. Worst than my HTML ineptitude is my discovery that the copy of my old template is not complete. It's very strange; none of the links copied.

Everything else around the links seems to have copied. Just not the actual links.

For the first time I feel truly alone.

I feel lost. I don't know where anyone is anymore. Well, not everyone.

It reminds me of life before and after getting a cell phone. I knew all my closest friends phone numbers by heart before I got a cell phone. Now, I don't know the phone numbers of most of my close friends. I have become so dependent on my little electronic phonebook that I am almost completely helpless without it.

It appears the same is true of my links.

So if you're site is wondering where I've been, tell it that I'm wandering around lost somewhere searching for it. I'm sure I'll come across it in time. How vast can the internets possibly be?

But that wasn't what I sat down to write about.

I'm rebuilding my writing area. It is almost complete. This is something of a test run.

I am not entirely well.

I am physically and mentally out of shape. I can feel it. Even now I'm already winded. It hurts to go on and I want just lie down. It seems that's all I've been wanting to do with my spare time as of late. But I've accounted for that.

I've never been much good at resisting temptation. However, I am fairly good when temptation isn't around so my only hope is to avoid it. Therefore, I have modified my existing futon/bunk bed into a loft bed. I've essentially removed the futon bottom, raised the whole thing, added supports where I could, and stuck my writing desk underneath.

Now it is squeaky, uncomfortable, and remarkably unstable.

I love it.

The once-simple act of taking a nap now involves climbing a ladder and trying to avoid getting hit in the face by a ceiling fan. And, as I've discovered, there is a learning curve.

I'll have to put off posting any new pictures until this giant welt goes away. ("It's not so much here, or here, as riiiight here.")

Having said that, I'm off to try again.

Anyone that still comes here, please send me your link. Don't make me come after you.