Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wandering Albatross

-In which I meant to report upon events I deem significant in the development of The Nephews (hereafter referred to as "The Twins" (unless individually referred to by name in which case still to be considered as an inextricable part of The Twins and serves primarily to provide a more exact reference in the regards to food preference, trouser length, and in the providing of comfort object(s))).

Now, on to more transparently ego-centric blather.

I saw the film Earth. Kelly and I are in California visiting Jeff, Janan, and Ryan. Raced go-carts and was scolded for bumping. Went to Ryan's play and ran into Beth Froehlich. Ate an excellent lunch with Beth and her mother, Terry. Terry had served as head of Special Education in Luis's and my high school. She, Beth, nor myself spoke of him, although perhaps we hugged a little more tightly and did not attempt to proclaim our tears to be of joy or of sorrow, if ever again I will consider the two as separate, knowing now what I do of love.

I got a job. Devoured a Krispy Kreme donut. Was scolded by a South African for eating in the theatre. Told that story about the time I got arrested by Park Rangers in the Grand Canyon, got hypothermia, and wrecked my motorcycle in the same day, in somewhat unrelated incidents with the only common factor being snow. Passed an FBI background check, apparently. Bought a Nintendo DSi. Used it to write this.