Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm recovering nicely from the marathon. I can't quite run yet, but I can walk easily and negotiate stairs without too much trouble. The last marathon I ran had me hobbling around for a week and I wasn't able to run without pain for a few months. Perhaps there is something to be said for "preparation" and "training."

I was dissappointed with my time of five hours and 50 minutes. It was even longer than my last marathon time. Further reviewal of the results showed that the best time was 3 hours and 17 minutes. This is about an hour longer than the insane pro marathon runners completed the Rock and Roll Marathon. From this I induce that this race is more difficult even for experienced runners. Also, it said as much on the pamphlet given to me before the race.

Here is a picture of me in pain at the finish line. I didn't wear the pirate hat because it would have been too hot but instead I wore a necklace made of twine, jangly copper washers, and a ceramic skull.

The necklace snapped a quarter mile into the race and I carried the skull in my hand the rest of the way.

Beno did not wear a pirate hat or wear a pirate necklace but we both had pirate flags that we pinned onto our backs. I'll put those pictures up as soon as my roommate pays the internet bill.

In Ever-Closer-To-Shuffling-Off-This-Mortal-Coil News:

My birthday is this Friday. I will be 24 years old, which is the perfect age for something but I forget what. My family has asked what I would like for a present. Since my little brother Luis reads my blog, I figured I would just list it here. This years theme will be stuff I used to love but sorta forgot about:

1. Pearl Jam's new album.
2. Tool's new album.
3. Science (in green.)
4. Edward Scissorhands (I've had two copies but I keep loaning them out and never getting them back. That's what I get for sharing das love.)
5. Impact Suit.

Getting any of these items would make me incredibly happy, as depicted here by this hastily crafted artist's rendition:

Probably only my second photoshop ever.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a paper to write.