Monday, January 17, 2005

What have I been up to?

I got drunk on my lunch hour and then returned to work to attend a huge meeting with over 600 of my fellow employees of my company and then got in an argument new CEO of the company.

Brian and I went to Los Angeles to visit Julie and Erin. As a side quest, we picked up a couple of growlers of the legendary Coronado Nut Brown Ale.

I learned to walk like a normal person again.

I signed up for another semester of school.

I memorized the chair dance routine the fat Romanian guy does.

Neglected my blog.

Seriously considered tearing out the new crown on my tooth after a week and a half of pain whenever I use my mouth.

Booked a flight to New York for the first weekend of February.

Had a sandwich.

Barely escaped with my life after being attacked by my niece and two cousins whose combined ages and weights equal 8 years and 56 pounds, respectively.

Hmm. Looking back at what I've written, my life sounds pretty good.