Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ah, much better. With the help of my loyal assistant, Mini-Moose, I have heaped this morass into piles more manageable. Mini-Moose? No, he's been here all the time, you just haven't noticed him.

I have my little virtual library in the corner now. Someday, it will contain every book I've ever read. At the moment it contatins a handful I own but have not yet read but that would be misleading. Horribly misleading.

This week is about finishing books I've begun to read and failed to finish. This is a relatively new habit. Started right around when I got friends and subsequently plans for weekend evenings. Odd coincidence.... No, I still finish most books I begin unless they're absolutely terrible. But sometimes I...forget.

At at time when I could benefit from guidance, I picked up a book I stopped reading some time ago, but not from forgetfulness. Well, I don't think it was forgetfulness. I flipped through the autobiography of the first American, scanning headings and trying to recollect where I'd stopped. Tucked between page 74 and 75 was a thin clear band of elastic. It was a hair tie. But I don't use hair ti-. Oh yeah.