Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The other night I pulled into my neighborhood around 2 am and I saw four
young adults attempting to break into a vehicle.  Thefts from automobiles
are not uncommon around here.  I called the police.

I spoke to the dispatcher and answered all her questions.  I told her that
none of them had seemed to care that I had driven right by them, which is
unusual for people caught in the act.  She assured me that thieves are
"very bold."

I thought back to Rogue and Vagabond Training School...

"If you do not act like you're doing anything wrong," my old, grizzled,
ninja/pirate instructor had said to me,  "People will not think you're
doing anything wrong."

The dispatcher informed me that two police cars and a helicopter were on
their way.

Ten minutes later, she called me back to tell me that, in fact, the car had
belonged to one of the four guys.

Now I know how the Patriot Act must feel...