Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Breakfast today is Kroger brand CHEESE ON CHEESE crackers. Methinks they doth say cheese too much.

I miss my Blogger friends. Kermit, methinks, where be ye? Actually, methinks I'm friends with on Facebook, the site that slew the blogosphere. My imagined blogosphere. What probably slew it most slewenly was the issues I was having with my blog template and the loss of links. I feel like I have my old template somewhere in my email. Dig up the links, brush off their bones, and display them in a cabinet of oddities, reliquaries of the sainted mind-collective.

It's a lot harder to speak alone. To yourself. It makes a very lonely letter. And yet the livestream status updates twitter thoughts and emoticon torrents seem a natural response to the lumbering gait of the blogs. The writing I loved was born of a time where mornings and evenings at home were the natural time to go online. Going online easily usurped the television watching of the evening in particular. The bustle of the day done, stray thoughts would band together during dinner and then boom! A nascent pondering would grow.

We're all Ben Franklins now, with quips and quotes. Computers in our pockets, reading while we do other things. Nuance is the real victim here. Creating a mood, engaging entirely with the imagined mind of the imagined reader. It was confidential disclosures in bed with friends. Now it's more like high-fives as we ride past each other on opposite escalators.

Which means, perhaps, that I'm free again. No one is reading. No one is talking back. I can say anything to anyone. The full circle of the electric thought. Funes, His Memory. As much forever as I care to remember, exactly how I want to remember it. In time, the memory will replace the truth, but that's already how it works anyway.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Jessica was in the states to sell a house or something and Kelly and I met up with her at Four Peaks. My friend Aaron asked me if I was still writing. I blinked in surprise. "A little," I said. "I've been trying to get back into it, but I'm really out of practice."

"Where do you go writing?" he asked.

"Where do I...Oh! Riding. No, I don't ride anymore. I wrecked my bike a long time ago."

Also I ate a hamburger. It was delicious.

* * * * *

The game room is still under development. My little corner is set up great with my treadmill, speaker, PS4, X-Box, and PS3 access. Mostly I've been playing the PS4. The various calls of dutys. There are more practical games to play while walking, I'm sure. There will be time for those.

* * * * *

I spent some time this weekend arranging the furniture. Still several boxes of crap that I keep peeking into, still can't decide what to do with, and continuing to ignore. All the stories recently of flooding, people losing all their possessions, and even their entire homes, makes me want to elevate everything. At least the electronics. My figurines would survive a dousing.

Maybe I should stack a few shipping containers. That would be awesome. I need to stop spending money on toys and start saving up for those.