Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My day off was also spent at the bank resolving the credit card fraud issue. I expect a good outcome. Maybe I should get one of those credit monitoring things set up.

I also bought a trenching shovel. For digging through the baked clay that is the ground around the house. My left elbow hurts. From dragging around those 150 pound cement blocks, probably.

Teachers here in AZ are going on strike tomorrow. It's a good thing.

I spent a little while listening to undersea recordings from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It gets pretty lively down there. I'll need headphones with better bass to hear some of the whale sounds.

I'm weary today. I didn't stay up too late, I thought. I'm probably wrong.

My day off yesterday started with an unexpected client. "I'm retired," I told her. "Go bark up some other sap." She was a pushy dame, and wouldn't take down for an answer. I grudgingly accepted her offer and set her up for the day. 

My assistant/sister walked her around the neighborhood that evening and found her home, just a few houses down. Her family was glad to see her. Her name is Peaches. Guess I'll see ya around, kid.