Friday, July 27, 2018

The last day in this office, moving back to the big one. I'll miss this place. The covered parking, the being ten minutes from home, the being able to see my parents every morning and having breakfast with them. They won't be rid of me that easy; I'll be coming over and having dinner instead. If I get home by 3, finish my walking by 5, it'll be perfect.

Maybe sit down and write at night. I'll probably go back to the journal while at the main office. Having people behind me that could read over my shoulder makes me paranoid. People reading published stuff is different; people seeing me write is awkward. I feel exposed, like they can see my doubts. Something I could get over. And should, really. People are everywhere.

I've taken to avoiding eating any free food offered at the main office. I've been able to hold out for the my day trips there, but will I last when tempted on a daily basis? History suggests no, I won't. History also suggests that sometimes I get ideas in my head and I stick with them for no logical reason. I wonder which one this one is.

I stayed up a little late reading old sci-fi.

My commute will be a lot longer, might be a good time to hit up the audio books. Or some other podcasts. NPR was my usual choice before. Now I take it in smaller doses.

Maybe listen to Italian. See if I still have any understanding of it.

The possibilities yawn before me. I'm boring me; time to surprise myself.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Crowded clothing stores, back-to-school shopping. Not for me; I was just passing through. 

My throat is sore. Not from singing or cheering. I suspected that I'd be more susceptible to illness with my tonsils gone. I wonder now if my throat will feel more sore because of the scar tissue. It's not that bad overall, just more sore than my throat usually gets. 

I probably shouldn't have walked yesterday. I probably shouldn't walk today. I'm still going to. Because it's my routine now. Deviating will make me feel worse. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

There is a desire to be hopeful, to be a beacon of good feelings. Or at least not to be a total bummer. 

This is easy to do with my nieces. They're happy climbing on me while I make their giant stuffed bear dance around. 

This weekend was not super productive. I exercised, although I'm still not feeling great. Today I have some chores. Also I have to check on a cat. This cat is a master ninja, so I expect a challenge.