Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A town overrun by beasts. The people bar themselves inside at night and burn incense to ward away the nightmare creatures. I know the feeling.

Image of a man sitting in a small room, listening to soft ambient music and a police scanner.

Grin Verdigris.

Thanksgiving tomorrow. I think I promised to make something. But what? Hash browns would be good. Everyone loves those. Non-mash potatoes are in right now.

The miasma of the holidays does not lie as heavy upon me this year. I wonder why. The memory of Luis is still there. Some years ago, probably noted in this very blog, I contemplated giving my mom a compilation of the stories I wrote about Luis into a book for her. Hell, maybe I should just book the whole thing. The Story of Luis, interrupted many times by some dude writing about hisself. I'll title it Volume II. That'll drive people nuts.

Volume I could be the notebooks, and come out as Volume 3. The bibliography will be whatever happens between now and another ten years. Or my death, whichever comes first. Or the death of the written word, whichever comes firster.

Electrons go on strike.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Madness and rage and more madness still. Working at work without proper pills.

Like the Smile-And-Nod pill, and the Reply-All-Email-Anger suppressant.

Relying too long on this poster of just the words "REMEMBER ALL THAT CRAP YOU WANT TO BUY". What if I buy enough? Can't risk it.

I think what it comes down to is that usually I hate being interrupted, but sometimes I love it. Sometimes I like a battle, other times I like a brawl. Meh.

Bah, I just hopped away from my break to respond to yet another email. The typing starts and doesn't want to stop; put different objects beneath my hands and they will tap tap tap and then delete delete delete. Editing is not a necessary work skill, it seems. Treat this life like a rough draft and hope you remember what you meant when you come back to it. Build it up like a god creating a mountain, then carve out a fortress in your subsequent drafts.

Today, I was ready for the swell of love for family. It came at its usual time, although it fled when I attempted to examine it. Not far, only around the corner.

I've been wearing my WOOT hoodie, with the circulatory system of vines and a heart of falling leaves. Autumn Heart, it's called. I came across it when I was contemplating a Luke Cage costume, the easiest version of a hoodie with bullet holes in it. Turns out he wears a specific brand, Carhartt, which is not the cheapest brand of hoodie. I wanted to be lazy, but the cosplay side of me wanted a little something.

I miss my peacoat hoodie, but it is eaten by Marceline the dog and is gone. In hindsight I could have easily made that into a bullet-ridden costume. I check for it on Amazon now and then. Maybe I could get a peacoat and wear it over this hoodie. Maybe.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Blisters on these feet. It was a Double-XP Weekend. I walked 8 miles on Saturday and then again on Sunday. Blisters on these feet. The twins came over and played Disney Infinity. They go crazy for that game. No to the point of injuring themselves like I do with my game, but still.

It's rainy and cloudy today. I would walk outside during my break but the blisters are rebelling against my dress shoes. I'll sit for a bit.

My walking shoes are wearing out. Contemplating some new ones. Also, my hand hurts a bit from the controller. There are some 3rd party controllers coming out. I've got my eye on the Nacon Revolution.

I got Kelly a Chromebook for Christmas. I gave it to her already. I see no reason for her to have to wait until the arbitrary gift-giving day. There are computations waiting to be done now.

I spent much of the weekend watching anime analysis videos on YouTube. I didn't follow much news. It's been less interesting since there's so much about the President-Elect. It's a lot of nobody knowing what's going on. I say sit back, relax, and let the crazy will come to you.