Saturday, February 03, 2007

I wrote the two posts below while I was very drunk. I vaguely remember writing it and laughing at the time. I think it's supposed to be funny? I'll have to ask Jake because he was right there when I wrote it. Wait, he was laughing, too. Maybe it is funny.

Wait, no. It's really not funny at all. It doesn't even make sense unless maybe I got drunk off of fortune cookies. That's the only logical explanation.
Free will. There I stood,. naked and fearless, reveling in the moonlight. Every day we learn that nature has thwarted nurture. Painful, like roooting for the underdog. We all want to be so hard be what worked at bing. Turns out we ar what we were all along.

It is painful but it makes for a good genetic argu.

Where are we now? At the crux. We at this moment can shapethe future.

Arrogance or no, the connection establishes itself. Can we connect? I doubt it so. Not that doubting negates what we are, but we need honesty.
This is the safe feeling.

Blogger rolls out a new way of communicating and i roll over also and express myself.

Hurt. Let's get that out of the way right now. I feel pain like you feel pain and that's how we're connected. But what else?

I wish to revel in my freedom right now. It won't last for a very long time, but the feeling will carry me past the tough times.

fFreeedom rps across the tips of your fingertips and forces you to say what you meant. It seeks out the past, finds every moment when you were guarded and flings them out in the oopen. "I was your wonderwall" you say. We all celebrated that fault. We were all blinded.