Friday, May 18, 2018

Spent a bit of time reviewing my credit score and figuring out how free myself from the machine.

The good news is, it seems possible. The bad news is I'll be eating out a lot less.

Sacrifices. Could certainly be worse.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Morning queasiness is likely due to the new medication. My other medication had that issue at first, then went away. Maybe I need to take it at night instead so I don't lose my appetite before breakfast.

Brian moved into his new house. It's pretty neat. The plan is to reconstruct our old home gym. Get back to regular lifting. And I need to fix the set-up for my game room/walking room. Have people come over and do cardio.

It'll be great.

Monday, May 14, 2018

When I dream, I'm not always the main character. In last night's dream, there were two female protagonists, both fighting against a totalitarian regime of some kind. They're both onstensibly on the same side, although one is fighting secretly as a civilian and the other is an official who works within the regime to destabilize it, and neither knows exactly what the other is up to (or what side they're really on). They meet for the first time after the official has caused an industrial accident and is covering up her involvement by pretending she was in the area to investigate the civilian. She's not really investigating but the civilian is definitely guilty. The interview ends with this exchange between the civilian and the officer:
CIVILIAN: "I imagine that some people would welcome a little less security, if it meant they wouldn't have to live their whole lives as some kind of pawn."
OFFICIAL: "A pawn can become a queen. If it lives long enough."

Then I woke up.