Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back when I had a Blackberry phone, I would send myself notes:

In Chicago, but not Chicago. Children on leashes are a sign of the end of civilization. Indigenous peoples and others who live with the seasons understand that in the event of being raised by fools, a child may be carried or gently bound to delay the onset of walking.

* * * *

War with angels and epic battles for heaven and hell and the role of humans in the universe. Warm beds, soft pop music, and electric fans humming seem the kinds of things that prevent epics from coming near, adventure is a skittish woodland creature that unnerves around comfort and bolts at the first sign of complacency.

* * * *

Weary legs and snappish mouth
Crinkling corners blurry eyes
High red rosy once now past
Bursus burstus grounded goo

Peeling down degloving handtips
Flaking phalanges rubbed leather black
Haste-cut nails lengthen into obtuse angles and lonely, open triangles

Fingerprints lifted and filed on file
Whorls sworls stored as timeless as the budget as forever as long as technology recognizes hands