Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dear HALOW Animal Rescue,

The lady said that dashhounds grow really long and that was his appeal. His back legs had the nerve damage so we cut them off. He gets along real well, he kinda reminds me of a snail the way he drags his rear. Funny enough we named him Snail Number Two.

Dang here this the other night a big old owl tried to swoop him up with his talons but he was still on his chain so he fell back down. Lucky I didn't untie him.

Hes happy though we got a big old yard and part of the house is pretty much yard. Ha, he sure doesn't like the asians. Must be the eyes.

My next welfare check is going right to your store cause I saw that Archie dashhound you got I bet he'll be the longest. Thanks again for giving our family a chance to love here right.



Sunday, November 29, 2009

In my day, wizards paid for their skills in suffering and pain, not tuition. In my day, vampires slept in earth guarded by traps and minions that were more likely to kill you than the vampire itself. In my day, monsters of day and monsters of night were as common as poverty, and God was as scarce as always.

We feared them, yes, and we learned to hunt them. This to ease our troubled minds. This to feed our arrogance; for we tolerate no creature deadlier to Man than ourselves.