Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm thinking of getting another motorcycle. This is mainly to counteract the loss of manliness that comes with singing along with Michael Bolton.

Also, it's been a few years so I'm sure I'm well past that pesky "constantly-crashing-every-motorcycle-I've-ever-ridden-stage."

I'm settling into the idea of a Yamaha FZ6. It's a good all-around bike, not terribly expensive, reliable, and light so when it falls on me I will be okay.

Perhaps a 2004 if I can find one. We'll see.

Monday, October 08, 2007

It's secret shame time again. Again, this secret shame involves an early nineties music video.

1993 was an earth-shattering year for music video technologies because it marked the end of the international race to superimpose flames over images that had no business being superimposed upon.

This video is also a documentary, and it was filmed in real time to chronicle the attempt to introduce Michael Bolton back into the wild. It was hard at first, but he quickly learned to forage for supermodels and half-buttoned shirts.

Michael Bolton's presence with us today is also explained, as the Bolton Preservation Foundation re-captured him after he somehow managed to burn down the desert and several canyons. It was the greatest ecological disaster caused by a musician to date and remains a dire warning to future programs that may attempt to introduce musicians into an environment where there are no natural predators to keep their antics in check.

I hope I've successfully distracted you from the fact that I really like this song and was singing it in the car today. Luis can testify; he was a sullen witness to the event in question.