Monday, October 30, 2017

Delightful times were had by all at Caitlyn and Ben's wedding this weekend. The wedding was quite nerdy, just how we like it. There were Dungeons & Dragons models everywhere. We were seated at the Diablo III table. The signature cocktails were "Health" and "Mana". I made sure to stock up on both.

After the reception, we went to a bar called "The Grid". Lots of video games and the staff was in costume. The food wasn't bad either. Might have to go there again when I have my wits about me. I played an Atari game that I'm pretty sure was unwinnable, but I'd like to be sure.

On Sunday, there was a brunch at Caitlyn's parent's house. Also delightful, although most of us were hungover. At least I got out of bed at 9. Gotta keep moving. I didn't walk yesterday, which was probably good. Rest days are good for muscle recovery or whatever.

And I feel good now, which is more than I expected. Pleasantly surprised pessimist.

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