Saturday, May 26, 2007

All that stuff I said earlier? I was quite drunk. Completely. Not that what I wrote was worth disavowing, just to be taken with a grain of salt, lime, and tequila.

Qute drunk.

It's been throwing me off. I was doing a halfway decent job of not getting...something.

I've forgotten now.

I hate having hair. It's so inconstant. every time I walk by a mirror (which is often in the north americas) I am pushed to check my appearance. Hair can say a lot, even though all my studies have classified hairstyles as "cheap signalling."

A lot of thing fal under cheap signalling. I want to argue about hair because it can take a long time to grow. Hardly whimsical. Shaved heads, like I had, should be cheap signalling. I could be bald, or gray. or have biting leeches that grow and bite instead of hair. Who knows?

Probably not leeches. I have little use for blood that wasn't produced by my bone marrow.

Unless it's my type. O+. I'm quuite average.

I hope to take writing classes this summer break. But I sorta forgot to pay them. I doubt I can charm them into teaching me for free. I'll sure try, but I doubt it. The only advantage I have, eh, the only advantages I have is the inconsistency of English majors and the crippling bureaucracy of every large system I've encountered.

I've had this diligent suspicion that the only way to go through life is naked and fearless.

Perhaps it's time to test that.

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