Sunday, February 13, 2005


The past couple of days have been a blur. Probably because of the fever I've had. One of the last coherent thoughts I had was around 2 am Thursday morning when I wondered "Why is it so cold in here? It hasn't been this cold all winter." I turned up my heater, wrapped myself up in my blankets, and fell back asleep.

I awoke still shivering to the buzz of my alarm clock. I picked myself up, took a shower, dried off, realized that I had done nothing but stand under the water, took a real shower, and then stumbled to my room to find some clothing.

After feeling an overwhelming urge to weep with joy after discovering my pants hanging in my closet, I decided that it might be a good idea to call my work and tell them I was feeling out of sorts and would not be coming into work. Then I tried to fall back asleep.

I succeeded, I think. I remember getting up only once more to drink some water and use the restroom. Sometime after that I had an argument with myself for a good ten minutes. One part of me was certain that I was turning into a zombie, another part of me was certain that it was everyone else that was turning into zombies and absolutely had to be destroyed, and a third part of me was very timidly asking the other parts to hang on a moment and not be too hasty about anything.

And so the time passed.

My fever broke during the second night. I remember feeling very cross because I had finally gotten myself warmed up and now it was getting far too hot.

I whiled away my Friday sipping chicken broth and clear soda. Some of my friends were going to go out dancing. I envied them and imagined a club for feverish people. There would be a very warm room and a very cool room and the bartender would gladly add a shot of vodka to your broth or soda.

I would get thrown out after hallucinating that I was in a space station and desperately running around looking for an escape pod of some sort.

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