Friday, May 21, 2004

I know I'm feeling a bit out of sorts.

I didn't realize quite how out of sorts I was feeling until a few moments ago.

I had made a burrito for dinner. I grabbed a bottle of beer out of the fridge, as well as a large bottle of hot sauce. I sat down and began to eat.

About halfway through my burrito, I mistook my beer for the bottle of hot sauce. I tipped it upside-down and shook it. The shock of cold beer suddenly pouring onto my hand brought me back to my senses.

I grew angry, but I still had to laugh. Then I ate the rest of my beer-soaked burrito out of spite.

It wasn't that bad. I may have just invented the beer-ito. How serendipitous.

I am also thankful I didn't confuse the bottles the other way around. Not that drinking hot sauce isn't a sure-fire way to make you realize what is truly important in life.

It's Friday night and there is lots to do. My friends are out at the club, at the bars, and having farewell-to-the-condo parties.

I'm stuck in this emotional limbo where the last thing I want to be is alone but I'm pretty sure it will be best if I spend some time by myself. Grab a strawberry milkshake. Listen to some music. Be old.

Try to get used to this feeling.

Today was a beautiful day.

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