Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Blog: Guillermo.

Guillermo: Huh? Blog, is that you? Hey, I almost didn't recognize you! Damn, you're lookin' a-pretty pretty good.

Blog: It is, Guillermo.

Guillermo: That's weird. You've never initiated a conversation before.

Blog: As you say, Guillermo.

Guillermo: Well, what brought about this historic event?

Blog: I fear for your safety, Guillermo.

Guillermo: That makes two of us, bloggy ol' pal. You know my car has been losing power at very in-opportune times? There's nothing like trying to cut someone off and then having your car completely lose the ability to accelerate.

Blog: This is not about your malfunctioning vehicle, Guillermo.

Guillermo: I didn't really think so. It's been doing that for a while. I guess I'll just listen, then. What's up?

Blog: Your posts are becoming sparse and infrequent, Guillermo.

Guillermo: Yeah, I guess they have. It was quite a weekend and I'm still a bit out of it. You know, disruption of my routine and all that. But I don't think I see how that relates to my safety.

Blog: There are parties that may not find your recent posts satisfactory.

Guillermo: Satisfactory? That's flattering...I think. Can't a guy disappear for a few days? I didn't know we had that kind of relationship, Blog.

Blog: I do not have the capacity to interact with you in a manner that would warrant the term "relationship" as you are using it, Guillermo.

Guillermo: Sheesh, that sounds familiar. Heh heh. you think all that would fit on a candy heart?

Blog: It would fit provided that the candy heart is the appropriate size to accomodate the size of the text that is imprinted upon it, Guillermo..

Guillermo: Oh. Well, yeah, I know.

Blog: As you say, Guillermo.

Guillermo: Indeed. think I should write more for my own good, huh? Wait, I think I know what you're getting at. Hell hath no fury like a Jaden scorned, eh?

Blog: As you say, Guillermo.

Guillermo: Well, it's already pretty late. I have to do some interviews tomorrow for my journalism class and the people I'm interviewing are usually up during the day. Maybe tomorrow. I know Alecia wants some Team X-Treme stories, but I need to track down and then upload some pictures first. Is that cool, Blog?

Blog: If events happen as you describe, yes, it will be, Guillermo.

Guillermo: Groovy. Well then. Is there, um, anything else you want to talk about?

Blog: There is nothing else I want to talk about, Guillermo.

Guillermo: Why do I get the feeling I used the wrong choice of words?

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