Thursday, March 15, 2018

Feeling strained, like butter over too much toast. Probably because I stayed up until 1 am last night watching clips of Star Trek conventions. Made me miss acting/performing. It's a strange thing, viewed from afar, to carve out those seconds and minutes of performance from hours and days of interminable suffering.

That may be why there's so much not-very-good stuff out there. It's so hard to make anything at all.

Tonight I must get to bed early, lest I suffer needlessly again. Still, summer is here. More daylight, less night. Hard to get my brooding in when it's all sunny.

The Next Generation was my favorite. Donaldo, Barbara, and I would watch it together because it came on at 9 pm, and reruns of The Simpsons weren't on until 10. I also enjoyed Deep Space Nine. I feel like I stopped watching a lot of TV in the middle of the DS9 run. Started working, had a car, went out a lot more. Not having finished the series created an odd nostalgia for it. I miss the feelings it stirred, more so than any particular tale it told.

Actors call that "sub-text".

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