Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Spent part of the afternoon discussing perception and reality with Ben O. I think we made some progress.

Might be time to obtain a new computer desk. Something little and lean for laptop writing. Next to my bed, because that's where it belongs.

Work it into the routine. Work, come home, walk/play video games, eat dinner, write, shower, read, bed. That could work out.

Modify it for the weekend, start with walk/play video games, go from there. Naps are important.

Early voting ballot is still in progress. So many judges. Still something unsettling about electing judges. Shouldn't I not be able to influence the interpretation of the law by rejecting those I don't agree with? Everything's arguable, of course, but precedent leads to precedent.

Better stick to the current plan of avoiding judges entirely.

Movie theaters and battlegrounds.

Sunday and yesterday I felt what I still recognize as depression. Wisps of it cling to me today. I've learned that I can slow down, even a lot, but as long as I keep moving I come out of it. As much as I can, I guess. Desire comes and goes, yet my tree of stubbornness is perennial, and bears fruit always. Habit and routine and hungry dogs that wake me up for breakfast also help.

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