Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I stand in my narrow room and contemplate sleep. Shadows clothe my naked body. The computer screen flickers and I am stop-motion. It passes.

I forget sleep and contemplate strength. The ability to run and jump and push and pull, to shape the world, to destroy creation. Strength to strike a weary drum for hours and hours.

What is the howl for?

There is art on the walls, art I did not make but I pushed pins into the plaster wall to hold it up. The art, not the wall.

The computer screen spits colors and I am sine waves. Phase shift; hiding under bedsheets. It passes. I peek out from beneath my pillow.

All wrapped up.

Phase shift; I am asleep in a chair. I am an endless document that occasionally autosaves.

Resolution comes when I put my contemplation of strength to sleep. I dream of heroes and villains.

I am not in my wildest dreams.

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