Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today was a good day. Nephew food-throwing was down, naps were up, and mom buying me lunch was at an all-time high for the month of July. If these trends keep up this month should close out strong.

There was a brief spike in subpoenas in the middle of the day but investors were sluggish to respond.

I've decided not too invest in that company that makes the ubiquitous pale-blue shirts that people who have to wear suits throw on whenever they're feeling colorful. In my little brain, I refer to it as "business blue" from its prevalence among business students.

I don't dislike it per se. I can understand the situation in which I'd want to wear something a little different and a little colorful only to be paralyzed by the fear of deviating too far from the business model.

Maybe I just don't understand it. Perhaps I'm projecting my own fear of banality on an innocent garment. After all, who am I to judge someone by their clothes? My idea of the pinnacle of fashion is this shirt:

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