Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I think the people in the picture above are stopping at a gas station to ask for directions. They're lost, see. What's funny is that they look like they have all this technology but they still can't find their way. Hilarious.

Movie Reviews:

The new Bond movie was pretty good. I've seen a few Bond movies, but this was the first to hold my attention through the entire film.

Happy Feet was also pleasing to me. Great animation and a good time. I'm a bit concerned about the message it sends. In the movie, seals are the bad guys and I don't need any more reasons to go out and acquire a seal hat. I really want a seal hat.

"I am not killing a seal, madame, I am saving a penguin."

I'm always having to explain myself to madames.

I forgot to mention that during our Tetris rampage we ran into the student travel agency and I yelled "We need to get to level 2!" They could not help us.

No one could help us.

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