Friday, February 17, 2006

I've been dreaming too much again. This is probably happening because I'm oversleeping. I missed a couple of classes this week. I am almost never sorry when I dream too much because such interesting things happen.

I was lost in a forest and I had been separated from my friends. There were monsters in this forest so I was pretty tense. I came across this raised metal tower on steel legs which is unusual to see in a monster-filled forest. It has no doors or windows, but there is a hatch open in the bottom that I reach by climbing up one of the legs and clamber inside.

The hatch shuts behind me and I am left in an empty metal room. Another hatch swings open above me so I climb that and find myself in another room just like the first. And like the first the hatch I just came through seals itself shut and another opens in the ceiling. I do this quite a few times. Finally, a ceiling hatch opens and I can smell fresh air and see sunlight. I climb eagerly out and see that I am higher now than the tops of the trees. The hatch slams shut again and I am left shivering in the wind on a platform that is not much bigger than myself. I huddle down and wait.

As the sun begins to set, the hatch bangs open. I am so startled I nearly fall off the side. The smiling faces of my friends peek out through the hatch. They explain that instead of wandering around looking for me (because I am apparently very difficult to track down in dreams as well) they had just built a series of Guillermo traps and went around checking them until they found me.

My pride was a bit hurt at having been caught so easily but I was immensely happy to see them. Still, I didn't see why they couldn't have just left a note or something.

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