Saturday, July 26, 2003

Where to begin?

Donaldo came home yesterday afternoon.

My mom made a ridiculous amount of food which I was obliged to eat a ridiculous amount of.

I received a call notifying me that I was suspended from work.

I focused on the positive side, having an entire weekend free, so Donaldo and I hung out with a few friends and had a few drinks.

Around 11:00 pm I found myself in Tiffany's pants. She has very nice pants, but they were pretty snug on me. She was wearing my pants which were baggy and comfortable on her and a hat turned sideways to complete her look. I couldn't even zip up the pants. I forget who's idea it was to trade pants in the first place, but I know it wasn't my idea to go into Fry's (off of Ray, in Tukee) like that. But whoever suggested it in the first place, the fact that I went further supports my theory: Girls can get you to do stupid things. Our mission to pick up pizza and a Virgin Mary candle was successful, and I had hobbled back to the car as quickly as I could.

I got a ride back to my parents house and took a shot of Nyquil. I usually don't take anything for colds, but I'd heard good things about the "big 'N', little 'y', big f**kin' Q!" But I'd also heard bad things about mixing it with alcohol. And I guess one of those bad things is writing frantically on a paper plate with a green Harry Potter pen before the damn cold medicine does what tequila, vodka, and beer couldn't; knock me out flat.

I managed to take a cold shower before I crashed on my parent's couch.

Now I'd like to share with you a little Ny-Quil-inspired creation:

Gurg No-Point Oh

My eyes are burning
cold water churning
A numbness that comes far too late
Because my mind can conjure
ecstatic or somber
appeased or irate
Another stove to the state
When your body is losin'
The time's gone for choosin'
This spirit wants to tear out
The body is refusin'
And we're lost

The moral of the story is: Ny-Quil reduces fever, not fervor.

I woke up around 8:00 am and had a very nice breakfast with my family

Now I'm home and going to sleep away the sickness.

Wow, Donaldo hasn't even been back a whole 24 hours yet.

The Lopez boys are together again, and that isn't good for anybody. It is fun, though.

*I don't know what the line "Another stove to the state" means. It might have been a shout-out to the oven that cooked my pizza. But I do like the "Gurg No-Point-Oh." I think I will keep that and throw the rest away.

*Today would have made a week of not drinking. So close...but six days is pretty good.

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