Wednesday, July 30, 2003

"After years of waiting/ Nothing came"

(As long as we're all quoting Radiohead.)

Goodbye job. Goodbye money. Goodbye CD's and DVD's. Goodbye Carribbean cruises and Comic-Cons. Goodbye Six Flags, San Diego, San Francisco. Goodbye teachers, goodbye books. Goodbye graveyard Riva's cooks. My car has got time, so does my phone. My cat may soon have to nap alone. Alaska's looking really nice. A little snow, a bit of ice. Independence (for a price.)

No, I'm not fired yet.

But I have "falsified a time sheet" which according to policy is grounds for termination. I had to laugh when I heard that. Let that be a lesson to anyone else who shows up early to work and doesn't clock in for it.

That wasn't what my meeting today with the head of the corporation I work for was for, but during my hour or so of being grilled my early attendance did come up.

Like I said, I had to laugh. After I had left, of course.

It's six in the morning now. Jake and I have just been to Denny's where we gave our waitress a short presentation on Women and the Inherent Flaws In Their Reasoning. She listened politely and then gave a nice rebuttal that almost made us think that it actually was All Our Fault. Jake and I discussed it while we ate our 2.99 Grand Slams and concluded that Everybody Is Wrong, But Mostly Just Her.

Yes, we accomplished much.

I don't think I'll continue eating meat, since it makes me feel nauseous. It tastes good and all, but I swear I hear a sound like when the Brave Little Toaster jumped into those gears when the meat reaches my stomach.

The storm tonight was perfect, it was exactly how I was feeling. Way to go, Nature.

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