Monday, November 26, 2018

Having a week off of work was good for me. I realized some things. First, I'm running out of ways to rearrange my living room. Second, I need to read more. My brain likes it. Watching YouTube has become my default. Passively consuming assorted bits of entertainment. Niche topics, usually. Could be watching nature documentaries or history. Instead of clips of cartoons.

I joked about purchasing a hideaway bed that folds up into the wall. That way my days off aren't spent entirely in the sack. I'll get up, fold up the bed, get showered and dressed, and then go lie on the couch if I want to keep sleeping in. It will need one of those timer locks like pharmaceutical safes. Goes up at 8 am, doesn't come back down until 7 pm.

Until I devise such a contraption, I'll try to just get up and drink a whole bunch of tea.

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