Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Labor Day weekend was a success. Managed very little actual labor. Had an all-day game session at Emma's house on Saturday, and I made everyone breakfast burritos. Monday, I went over to Jay and Caro's house for breakfast. The twins are staying over there for the week while Barbara is out of town. It was pleasant.

I walked a lot, played Battlefield 1 with Chris and Mishea and Jake. It may be time for new walking shoes.

Not sure how I'm feeling. Antsy, sort of. It's time to get rid of things. Trim away the excess. Repair my cracked windshield. Last time I repaired it, it cracked again less than two weeks later. Hazards of traveling on the I-17 trucking route. Left me very unmotivated to repair it again. But I think it's time.

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