Monday, November 27, 2017

Every morning I stare down at my handful of pills and try to wonder what I'm like without them. Then I remember: hurt, angry, and impulsive. Also my blood pressure would be a little high.

Thanksgiving was pleasant. My family lunch was good, and I also went to Kelly's family dinner. So many children running around at theirs. The Lopez family only had a couple. We're slacking.

The full weight of consumerism is upon me. I cracked and purchased a 4K Samsung tv. It's been difficult to find smaller 4Ks. Hopefully this will complete my TV collection. 

I've been walking a lot. I'm back to where I was last year, before the heel pain became too much. Now it's still there, but it's minor. I'll take a break when I have my surgery. I'm not supposed to move much while I recover anyway. 

We'll see. Everyone tells me that the pain is vast. From what I remember of pain, it changes the brain. I'll keep writing and try to anticipate myself. Should be interesting. 

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