Monday, August 15, 2016

Walking for what feels like forever. Listening for what feels like forever. Everything's a middle. Can't remember the beginning, can't see the end.

Then it does end and it's been 7 miles. Counting vertical feet, apparently, but still pretty good.

I ordered a 24 inch monitor to use at work. Triple screens make me triple mean. According to the tattoo on my lower back. In Ye Olde English font, naturally.

Went to Kelly's grandma's memorial service on Saturday. 7th-Day Adventist church. Lots of vegans. This church kept a bible in their pews (unlike the handful of other churches I had been to for weddings and other impossible-to-get-out-of occasions.

The nephews came over on Saturday evening to play video games and hang out. They came over on Friday, too. We went out and got pizza. The Olympics was on, and we watched. I didn't go in to work like I meant to, but that's because I had some very important sleeping to do.


Meteor showers every night that I do not awake to watch.

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